Discovering Purpose and Passion

What makes you tear up (in a good way)?

{What makes you tear up (in a good way)?}

Reflection: This is what you connect and resonate with. The essence of what you’ve written here ties directly to your passion and to the heart of your purpose. You haven’t found it yet. This is a connect the dots assignment so stay on task and look for a developing theme.

What makes you angry and annoyed?

{What makes you angry and annoyed?}

Reflection: Anger is passion going in the other direction. Usually, we think of passion as a glowing and positive emotion. Who hasn’t been passionate in their anger? Declaring what makes you angry leaves clues for the passion that is heading in a positive direction. You should now have a better idea of what triggers passion in you.

What charges and recharges you?

{What charges and recharges you?}

Reflection: This is what soothes and excites at the same time. You are energized and enthused about what you’re doing. You feel confident and empowered. Life is good! Your response here is closely connected to your purpose and passion.

What are you better at than anyone else you know?

{What are you better at than anyone else you know?}

Reflection: This is likely what you’re doing when you lose track of time. We naturally gravitate toward what we do best. Consider, also, that what you’re good at isn’t necessarily whiz-bang easy or come pain free. Our gift is often found in our pain. Start writing down the clues as to where your passion lives and your purpose won’t be far away.

What is it that people know they can count on you for?

{What is it that people know they can count on you for?}

Reflection: This is where you instinctively put action into words and walk your talk. It’s not something you find difficult; it’s who you are. You’ve heard this repeatedly throughout your life. Still not sure? Ask those close to you. They know.

When will you be worthy?

{When will you be worthy?}

Reflection: No one is harder on us than we are on ourselves. We spend our lives with a Monkey of Expectations on our back. We are judged, analyzed, and critiqued from birth all the way to—and including—this very moment. The toughest critic of all, of course, being the one who resides on our shoulder.
How will we know when you have “arrived?” When will your credibility be irrefutable; your purpose incontrovertible; your commitment beyond question and your significance no longer denied. This question is worth spending some more time on.

What gift will you share with the world?

{What gift will you share with the world?}

Reflection: Even if this barrier-free plan doesn’t come together exactly as you envision, you’ve landed pretty close to your purpose. It’s probably sitting right next to your deepest desires.

Who or what would you die for?

{Who or what would you die for?}

Reflection: Answer this and you put a name on what you value more than life itself. Knowing what you would die for also grants you the wisdom of knowing what to live for. Beyond any obvious reasons, reflect on why you gave the answer you did. What’s in it for you? Obviously, you won’t be around so your thoughts here will be pure and telling.

Your time is up. What is your final wish?

{Your time is up. What is your final wish?}

Reflection: Your goals and aspirations, as well as your purpose and passion, are rooted in your values. When all you have is one last wish, the very core of who you are reveals itself. What similarities and consistencies do you see popping up in your responses?

How do you want to be remembered?

{How do you want to be remembered?}

Reflection: This is the bottom line; what’s most important to you. The traits and attributes that rise to the surface here reveal what you value most in yourself. This is how you want to live your life.
Your passion and purpose are on this page. You won’t find them bolded or italicized, nor will they be highlighted in fluorescent yellow. The answers you seek have been narrowed and condensed to what you find here. The hero within already knows your purpose and passion. All you need to do is listen.

Congratulations on completing a mini inner journey.

Now is the time to let this sit and come back to it later with fresh eyes (be sure to print this out). You’re going to want to be ready when something pops out at you.

Sitting in awareness is your best opportunity to listen to your life. What are the recurring needs, themes, and desires? Was there anything that surprised you in your answers? What strikes a chord with you?

Please know, the aim here is not to land on the one thing you will do for the rest of your life. You are not one-dimensional and neither is your purpose in being here. Like you, your purpose is as multi-facetted as a diamond and you will have many opportunities to shine.