The Mentor Sessions

Living the Hero’s Journey Guidebook

Meeting your mentor is one of the most exciting stages of the journey. You’ll be introduced to eight different mentors each imparting life lessons and life-shaping knowledge. This companion guidebook takes you deeper into understanding yourself and revealing your true purpose.

The guidebook includes:

  • Personal assessments and worksheets
  • Weekly audio mentoring sessions
  • Evolving challenge assignments
  • Map of Self-Discovery–full interactive version

As you listen to weekly audio sessions with each mentor, you observe the different styles and approaches of each guide and experience what it’s like to be mentored.

You are also granted access to an expanded version of the enchanted Map of Self-Discovery. Time travel to the past and into the future to better understand and appreciate the seeming randomness of life.

The mysterious inner workings of the Hero’s Journey are uncovered and become an indispensable travel guide for you to follow on your journey of a lifetime.

Purchase the print edition and automatically receive the digital version—free—for your device.